10 foods that sabotages your weight loss efforts

A healthy weight loss depends largely on what you eat daily. There are some foods or ingredients we use that adds way more calories than we realize.

You might think your meal portion is really small and you aren’t consuming a lot of calories but you would be surprised at how many calories that tiny food contains.

It can be frustrating when you try your best to work out, get your fruits veggies in, you stop eating some high calorie food, I mean you even put away the ice cream bowls and still the weight won’t bulge. It’s time to identify the culprits.

The purpose of this post is expose some of these foods and ingredients that sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Let’s go in.


1. Fruit juice


Orange juice and weight loss

Fruit juice like oranges, over ripe pineapple, mango usually contain high sugar without the fibre (the fibre is what makes you feel full).  You should also note that it usually takes a lot of oranges to give you a full glass of orange juice.

With fruit juice, you are consuming sugar, high calories without the full nutrients.

Healthier alternative
You are better off taking a full whole orange fruit. If you must juice, you can try green juicing with green veggies and apple. You can also add a little pineapple to your green veggies to get a sweeter taste.

Water and green tea are also good alternatives to fruit juice.


2. Alcohol

No matter how you try to look at it, alcohol just doesn’t encourage weight loss. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. That is higher than carbohydrate and protein. Did I mention that it is a bunch of empty calories? Yeah it is.

The type of alcohol matters also and the quantity of course. Red wine in moderation actually has some health benefits but beer really sabotages your weight loss efforts in every way.

Healthier alternative
Drink healthy alcoholic drinks like red wine if you must but in moderation. Water and unsweetened green tea is still the best alternative.


3. White bread

You can eat white bread daily and still lose weight. It all depends on your daily calorie intake and out put.

However, white bread is made with sugar, refined flour that has lots most of its nutrient. It is high in glycemic index and spikes blood sugar levels. This can lead to over eating. Alot of white bread are quite high in sugar.

Healthier alternative
You can try rye bread, almond flour bread, whole wheat bread (You have to make sure it is really whole wheat. A lot of wheat breads in the stores aren’t really whole wheat).



4. Salad

Salad is healthy. A good mix anyway but you need to make sure your salad dressing is healthy too and not packing in calories. Are you guilty of using mayonnaise as a dressing? Or some other very sweet salad dressing that defeats the purpose of the salad.

Healthier alternative
Pay attention to your salad dressing. Make sure it is healthy without extra fats or sugars. You can try vinegar and olive oil. Its easy and quick.

Download the free healthy food substitution checklist HERE 

5. Red meat

There are some evidence and reports that suggests high intake of red meat can lead to weight gain. So limiting your intake of red meat would make weight loss easier and healthier. Besides the healthier alternatives are just as tasty if not better.

Healthier alternative
Turkey, chicken, salmon and goat meat are really healthier options and a great replacement for animal protein in your meal.

6. Fat free

Sometimes, you have to be wary of products labelled as ‘fat-free’. Something else is usually added to make up for the lack of fat and its usually sugar which quite frankly is even worse for you.

Healthier alternative
When you come across products like that, always try to read the label to be sure more sugar isn’t added.

There are foods that contain healthy fats like avocado and hummus which is made with olive oil.


7. Pastries


Foods that sabotages weight loss

It’s ok to indulge once in a while but don’t add pastries to your meal staples. You know like cake, pies, cookies and the rest of the family. Some of these foods can make you overeat. Your body can convert the carbs to simple sugars and it goes directly to your blood stream. Your body produces extra insulin and immediately absorbs the sugar.

Healthier alternative
You can  bake or buy healthy pastries with less or no sugar and low fat. Of course you also have to take it in moderation. There are however healthier snack options like popcorn, carrot and hummus, celery sticks and peanut butter and of course whole fruit like apple.

8. Whole milk

Whole milk contains extra fat and cholesterol. It is good for children, but as you get older and if your goal is to lose weight, you are better off substituting it with a healthier option.

Healthier alternative

Almond milk, soy milk, skimmed milk, coconut milk and tiger-nut milk are all healthier and tasty options.

9. Milk chocolates

It’s no secret that too much chocolate is a first class ticket to weight gain. The healthier alternative is what I really want to bring to your attention.

Healthier alternative
If you are a chocolate girl and you feel like you can’t let go, you might want to try dark chocolate. Studies have shown that it is actually good for weight loss. However, moderation is key.

10. Nuts and dried fruits

Some healthy foods can still help you gain weight. Nuts and dried fruits are actually healthy options for snacking but they also contain high calories and it is so easy to eat too much of it. Trust me I know, I have a weakness for almonds.

Studies have also shown that your body doesn’t absorb most of it and it actually goes straight down to the toilet(I hope you aren’t eating). But still just eat your nuts eat in moderation

Healthier option

Just be conscious of the quantity you take and the calorie content.


You can lose weight with a balanced and healthy diet, you don't need to do anything extreme. But always read labels for hidden sugar or fat and try not to over eat. Click To Tweet


What healthy foods have you been guilty of overeating? Mine has to be almonds and peanut butter. Pineapple would sneak up in that list too

Do you have any friend that has been guilty of overindulging in any of these foods? Share this post with them.




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  1. Hey Jan! Thanks a lot. Me, my weakness is pineapples. Really can go a week without eating one. Oh! And puff puff. *sigh* keep up the good work. I just want to be healthy though. I workout at least 4ce a week. Miss you on the BBM Channel.


    1. Me too! I love pineapples a lot. 4 times a week! wow that’s a major commitment. Thanks for the love.


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