Top 5 Essential Oils for DIY Home Spa

Since the inception of Mankind, people have been much conscious about their physical look and appearance. Especially in the case of women, this statement holds true. In order to attain an attractive and charming look, men and women have left no stone unturned. As of now, most of the persons are ready to take any kind of Ayurvedic or Contemporary beauty procedure to attain a gorgeous and youthful skin. Starting from cosmetic surgeries to temporary makeups and spa to massage, we never think of from monetary perspective when it comes to attain a beautiful and gorgeous skin. As the saying is, the best things in the life are free, we should seek an alternative medication that will help us to attain a flawless and young skin. A Spa is also such a kind of natural skin rejuvenating method that has been in vogue since the Medieval times. In this blog piece, we will make you familiar with some of the best DIY spa methods through the utilization of natural essential oils that you can follow to maintain an overall health including hair and skin. Read ahead some of the DIY Spa tips using essential oils verified by professionals.

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1. Jojoba Oil

Are you looking for a sure-shot remedy to deeply exfoliate your skin for an all day long nourishing and moisturizing effect? Grab the miracles of Jojoba Oil to moisturize your skin, hair and overall body. Add 5 drops of jojoba oil in a bath tub containing hot water. Rest your body for half an hour so that the therapeutic elements present in jojoba oil completely gets soaked in your body. Gently wipe your body using a towel to feel an oil-free and refreshing look. Moreover, you can also feel a fresh and sweet aroma throughout your body. Jojoba oil in hair spa also nourishes scalp and hair to provide a great level of assistance in conditions of dandruff and hair fall. Thus, Jojoba oil makes a prime choice for use in home spa owing to its multiple benefits for a relaxed mind and body.

2. Jasmine Sambac Oil

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Who doesn’t want to attain an effective level of relief from stressed body and mind conditions? Almost all of us seek for it. The sedative aroma of Jasmine sambac oil is here to take you out. Owing to the presence of indole, skatole, linaloolm and other therapeutic elements in jasmine sambac oil, it is appreciated as a much-praised choice for attaining utmost spa benefits when combined with hot or cold water. Add 5-6 drops of jasmine sambac oil in hot or cold bath water to have a rejuvenating spa. This amazing essential oil helps body to attain a refreshed and moisturized skin throughout the day during winter season. Besides, it also helps to maintain a better health of hair when it is used for a hair spa by giving a soft and smooth texture to hair.

3. Lavender Oil

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Do you imagine a refreshing spa that will give you the smell of flowers? Now, you can attain the same with lavender oil. It is a magical oil that makes a much demanding choice for various body and hair spa. Put 8-10 drops of lavender oil in a bath tub full of warm or cold water and mix thoroughly. Rest your body in this water for almost 15 minutes to have the rejuvenating power of this essential oil. Use of this oil in spa therapy helps to maintain a soft, silky and smooth skin throughout the day. Moreover, the therapeutic elements present in this oil also helps to neutralize the cell damage in the skin to relieve the conditions of acne, rashes and itching. The sedative and romantic fragrance of lavender oil is renowned for arousing senses for a romantic feel. Thinking of a Good Night spa? Go for it.

4. Rosemary Oil
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Do you remember the fragrance of small purple flowers in your backyard? Those flowers were none other than rosemary. So, why not to wear the same fragrance throughout the body. Fill your bathtub with hot or cold water and add 10 drops of Rosemary oil. Go deeper inside the tub and have a much-awaited rest. The soothing aroma of rosemary oil provides a sense of pleasure and relief to rejuvenate body and mind. Rosemary oil is also appreciated to neutralize the cell damage during spa for alleviating various skin conditions such as itching and oiliness. Ready to dive into the freshness of Rosemary with DIY spa? Of course, you would !!

5. Evening Primrose Oil

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A rejuvenating spa is ideal for healing body and mind. But, when it is combined with the therapeutic action of some essential oil, it just does wonders. Evening Primrose oil is also considered such a wonderful spa oils that owing to its potential to provide an effective level of relief from stressed conditions. Either put few drops of evening primrose oil in bathtub or massage by diluting in a carrier oil. Both of the conditions are ideal for opening the body pores to attain a relaxed feel of mind and body. In a nutshell, you just need to have a rejuvenating spa with Evening Primrose Oil for suppressing the signs of anxiety, depression and stress.

So, do you still believe that spending a fortune over the overpriced beauty-care products are going to help you for a better living? Dive into the miracles of nature’s best ingredients with these useful DIY spa recipes. You can use any or all of these tops to keep your body in a regular tone whilst combating from common beauty, skin and hair problems. So, what are waiting for? Take these natural essential oils to your home for having a sense of miracles through spa. Use these natural essential oils to make your spa-based recipes for skin and hair care. Wanna share your own spa recipe or some valuable comments? Share your words with us.

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