5 quick tips you can implement today to start eating healthy – no matter how busy you are

eat healthy


Eating healthy is easy.

I’ll show you how by giving you 5 quick tips you can start using today

You have to take it one step at a time. It takes one healthy ingredient at a time, one healthy purchase at a time and one healthy meal at a time.

Instead of thinking about how difficult it is going to be for you to become a pro at cooking healthy meals like those Instagram chefs or thinking about how you can eat only spinach and carrots and be satisfied like some of these Instagram fitness models, you need to think about enjoying the process.

You should have fun discovering new healthy meals, different ways to make them and how your body feels after indulging in a delicious healthy meal.

As much as you would love to spend time thinking about healthy eating, life happens and we tend to be very busy with work, family, social activities and other interests.

There are tips you can start using today to make eating healthy easy and convenient and I’m going to give you 5 important and easy tips in this post.

Before we go into that, you should know that eating healthy is necessary for your body. It’s not a punishment or luxury but a necessity. Your body will function better and your skin will be forever grateful.


eat healthy







Here we go;

  1. Add fibre to your meals

Fibre is an important part of a healthy diet.

Foods that are rich in fibre also help with weight loss because it digests slowly and so you are full quicker and stay full longer. It also gives you energy to be more productive throughout the day.

Fibre is found in plant based foods and it’s one of the many important reasons to add more plants to your meals.

A few reasons why our body needs fibre;

  • It prevents weight gain
  • It can help prevent diabetes
  • It can help prevent heart disease
  • It slows down sugar absorption and helps your body absorb essential nutrients from some foods

Foods high in fibre include – oats, beans, peas, fruits, vegetables, almonds and so on.

One easy way of adding fibre to your daily meals is having oats for breakfast and you can add banana and nuts as toppings. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and you can pack it up to work if you don’t have time to eat it immediately. You can also prepare it at night and keep it in your freezer.

Seeing how easy it is to make a quick breakfast brings me to the next tip which is;


  1. Don’t skip breakfast

When I was still in the university, I’d rush out to class and I won’t eat anything till like 12 noon or 1pm when there is a little break. The result? Weight gain and I almost had ulcer. I deprived body of a good and healthy meal and expected it to function at its best in class. Are you guilty of this?

Don’t do that to your body. Take 5 minutes and prepare something great to eat so that your body will give you its best at work.

  • You can have oats in the morning with bananas or nuts
  • You have a healthy smoothie. You can cut up the fruits and veggies you need the night before and put them in the freezer. In the morning, you just need to blend it up.
  • Pancakes are very easy and quick to make.

Instead of using regular flour, you can use oat flour, whole wheat flour or buckwheat flour.

  • Toasted whole wheat bread and a tablespoon of peanut butter is also a great option.


  1. Stay hydrated

Can we really talk about eating healthy without talking about the healthiest of them all? Just by taking enough water in a day, you can have a radiant skin.

Water helps to flush out toxins, it keeps your skin and body hydrated and it also helps with weight loss

With all of its benefits, it has just zero calories. You can start taking more water by choosing to take water instead of sugary drinks. If you eat out or when you are shopping, exchange sugary drinks for water instead.

Water is a very important part of a healthy and balanced diet.

You can start today and track your water intake.

Action Plan

Today, anytime you drink water, write it down somewhere. Write the time and quantity. At the end of the day, just before you go to bed, check how much water you consumed today.

Is it less than 1 litre, more than 1 litre or just at 1 litre.

I would love to see what you got. Come back here and put it in the comments below or post in the facebook group. If you are more of a private person and want to share your findings, send me a message at info@janvarisbeauty.com



  1. Limit your sugar intake

One sure way of making sure your meals are healthy is to limit as much sugar as possible. I’m stressing on processed sugar here. It contains empty calories. It makes you gain weight and it doesn’t even give you any nutrient. So what’s the point?

The sugar in fruits on the other hand comes packed with nutrients like vitamins, fibre and other goodies your body loves.

I know it can be hard to limit it or give it up. I know I’ve been there. I’m the girl who used to drink 2 bottles of coke in 10 minutes.

But I did it, I got rid of my sweet tooth and you can too or at least reduce it. Reducing my sugar intake made me lose weight in 3 months.

A lot of these packaged snacks we buy at the store come with a lot of empty sugar. It’s important to always read the label for details.


  1. Prep your meals before hand

The success to anything at all is planning. The same goes for your food. You have to plan ahead. That’s why people spend time to create a meal plan or buy one.

Try to stock up your kitchen over the weekend so that you can have everything you need at hand. When you shop for your groceries, you should have list already to guide you into making healthy and wise purchase without wasting unnecessary time and over spending.

When you have a plan of what you want to eat for the week, it is easier for you to take action.

If you want to have smoothies as breakfast, you can cut up your fruits and veggies, put in a Ziploc bag or a container and store in the freezer. In the morning just pour it out in the blender and blend.  Can you see how much time and effort you just saved?

That’s the beauty of meal prep. You can prep your meat during the weekend, make soups and stews and put in the freezer. Chop your vegetables and freeze. You can do this once or twice a week depending on your availability schedule and electricity supply.

This is a very important skill to have when you start eating healthy and saving time at the same time.

You can start using all these tips now or just pick one that you can really follow through with now.  It could be a commitment to start taking more water.

If you start implementing one of these tips today, you are way ahead of thousands of people that are yet to start putting their health first.

Which of these tips are you putting into action first?



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