5 summer makeup trends to try

Warm-weather mood is in sight and just right around the corner. Now’s the time to update your beauty bag and toss there some spring/summer appropriate beauty products.

On the contrary, you don’t really need to purchase new products for this season is known for bare-faced and dewy makeup trends. The thing though, this year everything gets interesting and spruced up despite the warm weather.

From the “no makeup” makeup look to bright and bold lips, here are the looks you’ll want to don as the snow and cold breeze warms up.

1: Bare-faced

fresh faced:

Photo source: Pinterest

This is easily the simplest and undying style in the book. This timeless look you can wear even during pre and post-summer season. The “nomakeup” makeup look is so simple yet brings out your utmost natural beauty.

The quick and easy look goes like this:

  1. Moisturize, conceal and add generous coverage to the face (optional, you can opt for powder)
  2. Brush up the brows, fill in if necessary
  3. Curl your lashes and comb in with (clearless) mascara
  4. Put blush on your cheeks
  5. Color your lips, preferably close to your natural lip color
  6. Powder finish and voila! Au naturel.

In addition, don’t forget to put on sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. This look lets you embrace your flaws and imperfections so better yet put your beauty on display.

2: Painted lips

Whoever said vamp lips, red lips, bright lips, chocolate brown or any other bold lip colors don’t fit the summer weather certainly keep themselves on the safe side.

Often times, it’s still best to bend the rules a little and follow your own style. Also, bright reds, bold pink and vibrant peach all rocked the runway last fashion week so there’s your excuse to flaunt bold lip colors.

Don’t forget to arm yourself with a lip balm. This will be your best friend for the rest of the season or even all-year round.

3: Faux freckles

Maybe you guys can't tell but today my face is FULL of fake freckles!! Yep... That means i recoded a "how to create FRECKLES" tutorial for my channel! I am in the process of uploading it now so be sure subscribe to my channel to see it :) there's a direct link in my bio to my latest video.  My lips are @mybeautymarkmakeupacademy forever lips in @dominiqueldr with MAC Cherry lip pencil. Highly overdrawn. Don't judge me.  Lashes are @lashesbylena in Claudia.  Brows and freckles are @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrows.  #FacesByAmberDean #ambermdeanonYOUTUBE #howtocreatefreckles #summermakeup #redlips #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #mybeautymarkacademy #dominiqueldr:

Photo source: Pinterest

All the gorgeous freckled men and women alike, rejoice! No need to hide and cover your ‘imperfection’ for they are the additional ‘must’ in the latest trends. Given that it has been regarded a trend in the industry for years prior, it only hit the streets just recently.

Whoever said freckles aren’t beautiful deserves to be handed the cone of shame. Real or fake freckles, it doesn’t matter. It’s an easy way to spice up your look to add drama.

There are faux freckle kits you can purchase but there’s also a low-key easy way to do it. Grab your brow or lip pencil then gently press tiny dots over the area you prefer. Change up the size from time to time.

4: Non-touring is in

Heavy contouring has been the bread and butter of makeup for the past years. It’s a great way to shape your face and have an angle. But life as we know it, there’s another contouring method people don nowadays.

Non-touring is a soft contour that brings out a dewy and glowy skin. It’s a makeup technique that enhances your natural features but no one’s supposed to see or really notice it. It’s that light and soft in application. It’s the natural version of the good old heavy contouring method.

Do keep in hand a moisturizer and highlighter with a dab of shimmer to finish the look.

5: Glossy lids or dewy glow

This trick has been in the book for decades. Even Marilyn Monroe loves a nice gloss in the lids. Also recently in fashion week, makeup artists dabs Vaseline on top of the lids of the runway models for a nice glossy finish. Others use lip balm or lip gloss as alternative.

Moreover, who doesn’t want a fierce, dewy glow under the summer heat? Be a little adventurous with your style and have fun with it.

Furthermore, do not leave the house without putting on sunscreen and moisturizer on your face and keep it in your purse. If you can find a three bottles in one product, even better.
Do you know any other spring/summer trends that should be on this list? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

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