7 game-changing beauty products to grab

We’re in the year 2016 where self-tying shoelaces and video-recording drones are flying over the market. And let’s not forget the latest in the beauty industry, we have innovations in our field as well. Ever heard of a spray-on nail polish? You might want to try that out.

The cosmetics industry, like any other industry, constantly find ways to create better products that aims to transform the beauty department. These innovative products and tools are backed up by thorough research and science.

Although Kylie Jenner’s lip kit broke the internet and set it on fire, these new products and tools are more than that and deserves to receive akin recognition. It’s the perfect time to be alive and check out these products and tools that will transform your daily life.

Spray-on nail polish

The world's first spray on nail polish

Photo source: Nails Inc.

The world’s first spray-on nail polish is making the rounds and is officially available this March. British brand Nails Inc. know every woman’s biggest dilemma when it comes to applying nail polish and they found a solution for it.

It truly is mildly infuriating when you can directly identify which hand is dominant by just looking at your nail polish. With this product, there’s no need to worry if you paint over your skin (because you’ll spray them along.)

The product works their wonder this way: after applying a base coat, you shake the can well and then spray it over your fingertips in order to paint your nails. Finally, you finish it with a top coat. Don’t worry about the mess for it can be removed by running your fingers through warm water and rubbing the paint off.


Photo source: ClickStick via Kickstarter

Everything and anything is “smart” now (i.e. smartphone, smartwatch) so why not think ahead and have a smart deodorant?

What can you gain from a smart deodorant, you ask? The ClickStick deodorant applicator enables you to swipe a decent amount of deodorant each time you push the button. Generally, you’re only able to use a precise amount and you’re able to waste less.

The successful Kickstarter also has refills you can get. More to that, they will have accompanying mobile app soon! As of February 2016, they got the final production samples and soon have it delivered. So, order ours now and be one of the first to experience the smart deodorant.

Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Hairbrush

Photo source: Elle Canada

Isn’t it irritating having dry and frizzy hair? When all else fails and seems as if there’s no treatment, home remedy or any other products that can transform your hair into a silky smooth hair, you haven’t tried this one yet.

This battery-powered magical brush transforms your hair and zaps out frizziness within just a few strokes. The brush releases ions which leaves hair looking and ultimately feeling soft. Know more about it here.

Pearl Compact Mirror

Photo source: Pearl: Compact Mirror + USB Battery Pack 3000mAh available at HYPER

Who wouldn’t like a compact mirror and a powerbank built in one? We bet all makeup gurus want nothing more than that.

This genius device has enough power to charge your smartphone twice. This simple tool was successfully funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. See, a lot of people out there had the same interest to grab a piece of this double-life living compact mirror + USB charger.

St. Tropez Tanning Essentials In Shower Gradual Tan

Photo source: Cosmopolitan, available at Sephora

Beware tanning salons for there’s a competition in the market that will surely push you off the curve. Getting in an indoor tanning bed and exposing your sensitive skin with such harmful UV rays can cause different skin conditions and even worse, cancer.

That’s what this product tries to avoid and rather, offer people a service that is fast and harmless all the while delivering what it promises. This is how it works: Get in the shower and exfoliate your whole body carefully. Afterwards, gently and evenly apply the formula over your skin. Leave it on for a good three minutes before you rinse.

The content that tans your skin, DHA, comes in contact with the amino acids in your skin which triggers your pseudo tan. After shower, your tan will continue on developing.

Cover FX Custom Coverage Drops

Photo source: Cover FX

Makeup is costly and of course, women can’t get enough of makeup products and there’s almost always something new in the market that is better than the other. Well, don’t you want to have a somewhat customizable product?

This revolutionary product is literally a lifesaver and miracle for makeup enthusiasts. On the plus side, the products kind of makes you feel like a genius scientist. This amazing custom coverage drops allows you to mix it with and turn any liquid cosmetic product you have (i.e. moisturizer, oil, primer, water, etc.) into a tinted moisturizer or foundation.

The idea behind it is to allow you to customize any product with just one or a few drops of Cover FX Custom Coverage Drops into an adjustable level of coverage you desire. The highly pigmented products is coated with Lecithin, which is biochemically similar to the skin which makes it seamless to apply and blend.

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit

Adorable, affordable gel manicure kits for girls on-the-go! Inspired by the French macaron concept…colorful, flavorful and fun!

Photo source: Kickstarter available at Le Mini Macaron

The successful Kickstarter-funded project is a heaven sent for ladies. The succulent-looking macaron-shaped nail kit LED lamp comes with a USB and charger, matching gel polish, cuticle stick, mini nail file and 10 gel polish remover pads. With this, you can treat yourself a gel mani and pedi anywhere, anytime.

What’s your favorite innovative beauty products and tools that aren’t on this list? Share it with us!

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