Helping busy women create and sustain healthy habits for a glowing skin and fit body

Hey, I’m January and I help busy women create and sustain healthy habits for a gorgeous appearance.

As a busy woman, you already have your day filled up with work and family responsibilities. It gets difficult to put yourself first and take care of your body the right way.

I understand how eating right, working out and taking out time for yourself can be a bit difficult when you have to work and take care of your family. This is why I created Janvaris Beauty to help you get a beautiful body and skin you can be proud of and boost your confidence.

I founded Janvaris Beauty as a resource to help busy and ambitious women create healthy habits and take control of their body.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be time consuming and stressful. I’m here to make it easy and simple for you.

There are lots of information out there on what a healthy lifestyle should consist of.  Everyday a new trend and theory on weight loss comes out. A new face cream and facial for a glowing skin comes out almost everyday .

All of these information can be overwhelming.

I’m here to simplify healthy living for you so that you can have lots of free time with your family and create a beautiful and healthy life for yourself.

Nature has provided us with everything we need to make our skin beautiful. We don’t need chemicals to complicate it.

Instead of selling expensive “weight loss teas” to you which frankly is not the answer to weight loss, I will guide you into creating a lifestyle that will give you your dream body and sustain that body weight.



You may be thinking; why do I care?

Why have I created a website to help busy and ambitious women look like their best by adopting a healthy lifestyle?

As a certified skincare therapist and wellness consultant, I have met women that wanted to have a clear skin but were too impatient to use safe skincare products. They would rather use a product that would clear their acne in 24 hours. I have met women who went from diet to diet because they felt completely changing their lifestyle seemed complicated, time consuming and difficult.

I felt it was important to destroy these notions about healthy living and show women how simple it really is.

Honestly, a healthy lifestyle change is the ONLY way you can get and sustain a toned, fit and healthy body and also a beautiful skin you will be proud of.  No one told me this. I discovered it on my own.

I always had a difficult time keeping my weight off until I decided to change my lifestyle. It didn’t happen immediately. I started by paying more attention to what I ate and gradually started eliminating some foods and drinks that were bad for me.

It never felt like a punishment and with time it became easy to automatically choose healthy options.  I also got fascinated with new and healthy recipes I could try and also develop.


Join the healthyville community

My sister and I started changing our habits to a healthier one around the same time. She is a busy mum of two beautiful girls. It was fun and exciting trying out new healthy recipes and workout routines together.

It is important to be surrounded by like-minded people; women who have decided to choose healthy choices for them and their family irrespective of their schedules.

That’s why I have created a facebook group (healthyville) of strong and ambitious women, who have decided to put their health first, gain a fit body, glowing skin and boost their confidence.

You can join the facebook group here.


Ready to get started?

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