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How to get glowing skin with healthy and delicious smoothies

Using good beauty products is half the step to a glowing and flawless skin. The other step is by consuming a healthy diet. You can totally get a healthy and glowing skin with healthy and delicious smoothies.

I share 5 glowing skin smoothie recipes in this post so read on. If you would like to listen to this blog post instead of reading it, just scroll down all the way to the end.

Get glowing skin with smoothies


Moisturizing your skin and being consistent with your skincare regimen is a great way to getting a glowing skin but that’s not the only thing to do when you want a beautiful and healthy skin glow.

Not everyone realizes that what you eat and drink plays a huge role in your skin glow. When we make unhealthy food choices, signs of it can show up in a form of acne, dry skin, dark circles, wrinkles and … Read more

10 foods that sabotages your weight loss efforts

A healthy weight loss depends largely on what you eat daily. There are some foods or ingredients we use that adds way more calories than we realize.

You might think your meal portion is really small and you aren’t consuming a lot of calories but you would be surprised at how many calories that tiny food contains.

It can be frustrating when you try your best to work out, get your fruits veggies in, you stop eating some high calorie food, I mean you even put away the ice cream bowls and still the weight won’t bulge. It’s time to identify the culprits.

The purpose of this post is expose some of these foods and ingredients that sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Let’s go in.


1. Fruit juice


Orange juice and weight loss

Fruit juice like oranges, over ripe pineapple, mango usually contain high sugar without the fibre (the fibre is what makes … Read more

eat healthy

eat healthy


Eating healthy is easy.

I’ll show you how by giving you 5 quick tips you can start using today

You have to take it one step at a time. It takes one healthy ingredient at a time, one healthy purchase at a time and one healthy meal at a time.

Instead of thinking about how difficult it is going to be for you to become a pro at cooking healthy meals like those Instagram chefs or thinking about how you can eat only spinach and carrots and be satisfied like some of these Instagram fitness models, you need to think about enjoying the process.

You should have fun discovering new healthy meals, different ways to make them and how your body feels after indulging in a delicious healthy meal.

As much as you would love to spend time thinking about healthy eating, life happens and we tend to be … Read more

13 healthy habits you need to adopt to improve your lifestyle

Healthy habits should be very easy to execute but then life happens.

You always start your day with good intentions. You get out of bed and decide to make today the day you start eating healthier. You already made plans to do a 30 minute workout and make a yummy green smoothie. But when you look at the time and it’s already 6:30am.
The time went by so fast while you were making breakfast for your family and getting ready for work.

You tell yourself that you will just order in a healthy meal during lunch break but your day gets filled up with meetings and client work and you forget to eat. At this point, anything will do. Even a doughnut.

You haven’t given up yet though. You can still do a 15 minute workout when you get home in the evening. When you get home, you get preoccupied … Read more

embrace you body shape

Body confidence

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” – John Rohn

Do you love your body?

If you say you do, how do you show it? How do you take care of your body and treat it like a priceless treasure? Ok I’m not trying to be deep or anything like that.

I see people punishing their body by starving themselves in an effort to lose weight. Using beauty products with harmful chemicals to get a fairer skin is actually hurting your body and skin. Eating junk food that could lead to high cholesterol and obesity is not a way to take care of your body.

Yeah you could say you are enjoying yourself by taking ice cream and pizza every day but what about your immune system and possible weight gain.

A slim body, flawless skin tone and serene mind mean nothing without a … Read more

Top Models Approach to Healthy Living

featured image
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Most of us believe that lives of supermodels are all about glamour, travelling and having fun. But looking perfect at all times is not as easy as it seems. Preparations for the fashion weeks, castings and important photo shoots require certain sacrifices and a lifestyle that will ensure that their bodies will remain in top shape for the catwalk.

This, of course, involves regular visits to the gym, strenuous exercising, getting a lot of sleep, staying hydrated, and also doing yoga and meditation to balance the mood and banish stress. But eating properly is just as important, especially during those hectic days when it is hard to keep any good habits at all between two shows. Here is how to eat like a supermodel.

1. Start Light in the Morning and Go Heavier as the Day Goes on

It is important to start your day with something that … Read more

Hollywood stars use this natural beauty product and it's amazing

Today, we are giving the spotlight to Apple Cider Vinegar!
apple cider vinegar

This natural inexpensive product has been in existence as far back as 400 BC by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He used it in his time.

Apple Cider Vinegar is formed by fermentation process. Bacteria and yeast breakdown the sugars in the cider. The sugars are first turned to alcohol and it further ferments to vinegar.

Ok so enough with the history and the process. What you really want to know is how does it help your skin glow, how can it get rid of your pimples and make your skin look younger. So let’s get into that.
Apple cider contains acetic acid, vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids. The pH of apple cider vinegar is similar to the outer layer of the skin. So it helps to restore and balance the pH of the skin and acid … Read more

How I changed my diet in 5 easy steps

how-I-cleaned-up-my-diet source

If someone told me years back that I’ll be able to stop eating hot dog every day, I would probably have looked at that person and laughed. Seriously I was a junk food addict. I loved and enjoyed eating junk food every day. I also had the bad habit of eating late. Imagine eating eba by 10pm (I know! what???) I didn’t care about what it did to my skin or body. Yup I would gain weight like crazy every now and then.
I would look at a picture of Beyonce and say “body goals” but I didn’t do anything about it. I honestly never taught eating healthy was a big deal. Sometimes when I would want to do something about it, I’ll just go for a short jog and in my mind I’ve done something big and I should probably have lost 5kg. Ha!

My wakeup call came … Read more

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines


Wrinkles are signs of aging that most people are never comfortable with it. Most people struggle with it using various beauty products and others plastic surgery. It reaches a point when the age has gone too far and can no longer be overcome. However, there are wrinkles that are not caused by aging; they are caused by strong beauty products, exposure to the sun and other things that affect the skin collagen. This is the kind that requires the following remedies;

1. Keeping the skin moisturized
Sometimes drying of the skin leads to the formation of wrinkles according to research conducted by Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist at The Cranley Clinic in Los Angeles. Therefore, always keep your skin moisturized or any other part of the skin to reduce the chances of early formation of wrinkles. Moisturizing should occur especially after coming into contact with water. There are varieties of … Read more

Top 7 Solutions to Get Rid of Dry Skin in winter

dry skin

Winter holidays come with joy and a lot of fun activities. It also comes with a thirsty air

which can be debilitating to the skin .With approach of the winter people prepare not

only for warm clothing but also for solutions to care for the skin. Winter needs extra

efforts for skin care this will involve changing some of your products like the moisturizer

to fit the season, banning the long and hot showers. Dry skin takes away the glow and

radiant complexion of the skin. Our skin has to glow all the seasons including the winter.

Here are some solutions to get rid of dry skin during winter;

1. Get a good humidifier

Worried about the dry air indoors? Hydrate it with a humidifier. Humidifier adds moisture

to the air which is distributed throughout the house to protect your skin from the drying

effect. This gives you comfort even … Read more