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Winter, with all the snow and holidays and family reunions and reruns of our favourite TV shows, can be a romantic season. Yet, what lurks behind it are possible skin problems, due to cold weather, wind, rain, gases, and indoor heat. Hence, it is important to nurture your skin properly and keep the fresh tone we all like so much. So stay tuned for some tips and tricks on how to give your skin some proper winter treatment.

Lifeless hair

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One of the reasons for our hair to feel lifeless and lackluster is because it is exposed to different temperatures on a daily basis. While outdoor, where it is cold, we wear hats and caps, to keep the head warm, and while indoor, the heating is on, so temperature shocks affect the hair.
To solve this problem, use a lot of conditioner. Silicone drops can do wonders to your hair, because once applied they lock in the moisture and decrease the possibility for your hair to get dry faster than necessary. Quats, i.e. quaternary ammonium compounds, additionally fight static electricity and prevent flyaways, so make sure to read the labels on your hair products.
There are numerous hair sprays that can be applied to either wet or dry hair and which help disentangle hair while combing, so find those which contain essential, nutritive oils and are not greasy. Apply them regularly and just watch how your hair starts glowing again.

Dry skin


Skin cells on our hands and legs have fewer oil glands than the rest of the body, so especially during winter our skin starts feeling itchy and dry. Hot showers and bathroom heat play a significant part in that. During summer, when the weather is warm enough to wear light clothing and when skin is exposed to natural air and gases and sweats naturally, the skin still gets enough moisture. In winter, we need to help our skin and nourish it inside and outside.
There is a reason for body milk to be called that way. Use body creams and oils to give your skin enough moisture after each shower, and, make yourself a milk bath on a regular basis. Pour two cups of milk to your bath and let it suck in for a while, and apply body balm afterwards to ensure the benefits.

Pale skin tone


One of the most visible signs of how our skin really feels is our face. So if a problem we are experiencing is dull complexion, its cause is the dehydrated skin. When skin cells do not get enough moisture, they tend to die out, and if not removed regularly, after a while our skin acquires that pale, dull tone.
To deal with this problem, we need to think a lot in advance. First, drink water regularly! Because the body feels thirsty in summer and it comes naturally to drink water all the time, we tend to forget that during winter, but the body still needs as much water as in summer.
Introduce creamy or milky cleanser in your daily beauty regimen and use it instead of your regular lotion. Apply nourishing and hydrating face creams, and pay attention to your skin type.
Use toned face creams. That way your complexion will be shiny and healthy again, and you will also protect your skin without having to use heavy makeup.

Professional treatment

We can do many treatments at home, but it is wise to visit an expert from time to time. These professional treatments are an excellent option because they are performed by professionals and the risks of making a mistake are minimal. Try out different treatments, such as skin rejuvenation, or exfoliation, and pay attention to your skin type.

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