Your makeup’s lifespan: When it’s time to throw them away

How long since the list time you pulled out from your makeup storage and used your seasonal lipstick shade? Let’s also not forget when’s the last time you bought yourself a new set of brushes.

We understand your admiration for that plum lipstick but leaving it sitting unused for quite a long time calls for it to go down the wastebasket. We know it’s heart-wrenching but it has to be done. You’ll tell with the consistency of the product when it needs to go.

No matter how much you spent to purchase these items, it’s got to go when it needs to go. Even your makeup bag needs spring cleaning!


Lifespan: One year

Lipsticks are not as prone to formula spoiling since it doesn’t contain water. However, it contains oily substances that makes the formula run dry over time. This results to uneven application and creates that waxy, unpleasant Read more

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5 summer makeup trends to try

Warm-weather mood is in sight and just right around the corner. Now’s the time to update your beauty bag and toss there some spring/summer appropriate beauty products.

On the contrary, you don’t really need to purchase new products for this season is known for bare-faced and dewy makeup trends. The thing though, this year everything gets interesting and spruced up despite the warm weather.

From the “no makeup” makeup look to bright and bold lips, here are the looks you’ll want to don as the snow and cold breeze warms up.

1: Bare-faced

fresh faced:

Photo source: Pinterest

This is easily the simplest and undying style in the book. This timeless look you can wear even during pre and post-summer season. The “nomakeup” makeup look is so simple yet brings out your utmost natural beauty.

The quick and easy look goes like this:

  1. Moisturize, conceal and add generous coverage to the face
Read more
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7 game-changing beauty products to grab

We’re in the year 2016 where self-tying shoelaces and video-recording drones are flying over the market. And let’s not forget the latest in the beauty industry, we have innovations in our field as well. Ever heard of a spray-on nail polish? You might want to try that out.

The cosmetics industry, like any other industry, constantly find ways to create better products that aims to transform the beauty department. These innovative products and tools are backed up by thorough research and science.

Although Kylie Jenner’s lip kit broke the internet and set it on fire, these new products and tools are more than that and deserves to receive akin recognition. It’s the perfect time to be alive and check out these products and tools that will transform your daily life.

Spray-on nail polish

The world's first spray on nail polish

Photo source: Nails Inc.

The world’s first spray-on nail polish is making the rounds and is officially Read more

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8 New Year’s beauty resolutions to swear by this 2016

8 New Year’s beauty resolutions to swear by this 2016

Aside from your fitness goal, charge a beauty resolution as well. Since your goal and journey to losing weight will take months to finally achieve (not to mention very stressful), beauty resolutions are easily achievable.

Set aside your mind on cutting meal portions and burning calories for a moment and focus on your skin, nail, hair and overall beauty regime.

Here are what you need to include in your beauty resolution list to make your skin extra healthy and feel more beautiful.

Never leave the house without sunscreen. A trip to the beach isn’t the only time you need to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Shielding your skin from the same harsh rays of the sun daily is a must.

Include this in your daily beauty routine as your resolution this year. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays will not only prevent you from skin cancer but it can Read more

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Top 5 Essential Oils for DIY Home Spa

Since the inception of Mankind, people have been much conscious about their physical look and appearance. Especially in the case of women, this statement holds true. In order to attain an attractive and charming look, men and women have left no stone unturned. As of now, most of the persons are ready to take any kind of Ayurvedic or Contemporary beauty procedure to attain a gorgeous and youthful skin. Starting from cosmetic surgeries to temporary makeups and spa to massage, we never think of from monetary perspective when it comes to attain a beautiful and gorgeous skin. As the saying is, the best things in the life are free, we should seek an alternative medication that will help us to attain a flawless and young skin. A Spa is also such a kind of natural skin rejuvenating method that has been in vogue since the Medieval times. In this blog … Read more

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Must-have drugstore beauty products you’re ignoring

Filling your makeup kit with expensive and top-brand products isn’t an absolute necessity. Sure, these products really live up to your expectations but are your really going to throw away a couple of dollars for a plum lipstick you’ll only use often? Think about it.

Nowadays, people are expected to share and broadcast their daily lives in various forms of social media. It’s no doubt this generation is the most trapped in an iron cage and keeping up with the hype and glam when you’re on a tight budget is a serious dilemma.

Women, especially those who are inclined to fashion, style, beauty and the likes, couldn’t help but keep up with trends and today, women are more able and knowledgeable in terms of doing their own makeup. No more going straight to salons when you need to prep up for your best friend’s wedding or for your prom.

Fill Read more

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Take a backseat: Beauty trends that need to retire

The fashion and beauty industry has had its ups and downs this year. We’ve witnessed trends that went on for months as well as those that didn’t stay for long (we’re eyeing at you sneaker wedges).

From floral crowns to Kylie Jenner lips to eyebrows-on-fleek trend, some have stayed and some just needs to take a backseat and maybe, just maybe, they can resurrect their trend status in the future (or they could just retire).

We have enlisted here the beauty trends you need to stop doing now, at this very moment. If you find yourself still doing these in your daily beauty routine, you need to go reevaluate your beauty grind.

Ombre dominated the runway and red carpet as far as we can remember and it is still going strong this year. Though it’s still the most asked color technique in the salons, you might want to go … Read more

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Strobing: Steps to a more illuminating look

Contouring, although a great makeup technique for face-slimming, it takes up too much time to perfect and a ton of work to get the job right. Also, it feels heavy on the skin since it requires an amount and layers of makeup and looks too dramatic at times. Not everyone is gifted with the skill. And patience. For the days you feel too lazy to get your contour game strong or feel like it’s not an appropriate everyday look, you might want to check out the ‘strobing’ technique and give it a try.

Before digging into how strobing is done, just to be clear, strobing is the same as highlighting. One can’t simply contour without highlighting. So basically, strobing is nothing new and chances are, you have been doing it for a long time.

Photo source:

So, how do you use the strobing or highlighting technique properly? Check out … Read more

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6 bizarre beauty tools you think you need (but don’t)

We all have our own flaws, imperfections and insecurities we’d like to correct someday. It may be through permanent or temporary changes (shout out to Kylie Jenner’s temporary lip fillers). Other times, we just want to make applying makeup easier, or just generally make life easier in terms of our beauty ­related routines.

In present day, a lot of beauty tools has been manufactured which ranges from quite acceptable (for some) to the most bizarre functions that are way beyond your imagination. These revolutionary inventions may but most probably not help you.

Along with their wacky structures and crazy textures, these absurd beauty tools will surely tingle your senses with intrigue, curiosity and excitement. Here are a few of the weird beauty devices (some are useful, some are stupid) that will have you question the world’s existence.

Lip Plumper


Photo source: Style Caster

Thanks to Kylie Jenner’s infamous lip fillers, … Read more

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