How long since the list time you pulled out from your makeup storage and used your seasonal lipstick shade? Let’s also not forget when’s the last time you bought yourself a new set of brushes.

We understand your admiration for that plum lipstick but leaving it sitting unused for quite a long time calls for it to go down the wastebasket. We know it’s heart-wrenching but it has to be done. You’ll tell with the consistency of the product when it needs to go.

No matter how much you spent to purchase these items, it’s got to go when it needs to go. Even your makeup bag needs spring cleaning!


Lifespan: One year

Lipsticks are not as prone to formula spoiling since it doesn’t contain water. However, it contains oily substances that makes the formula run dry over time. This results to uneven application and creates that waxy, unpleasant Read more

How I changed my diet in 5 easy steps

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If someone told me years back that I’ll be able to stop eating hot dog every day, I would probably have looked at that person and laughed. Seriously I was a junk food addict. I loved and enjoyed eating junk food every day. I also had the bad habit of eating late. Imagine eating eba by 10pm (I know! what???) I didn’t care about what it did to my skin or body. Yup I would gain weight like crazy every now and then.
I would look at a picture of Beyonce and say “body goals” but I didn’t do anything about it. I honestly never taught eating healthy was a big deal. Sometimes when I would want to do something about it, I’ll just go for a short jog and in my mind I’ve done something big and I should probably have lost 5kg. Ha!

My wakeup call came … Read more

8 New Year’s beauty resolutions to swear by this 2016

Aside from your fitness goal, charge a beauty resolution as well. Since your goal and journey to losing weight will take months to finally achieve (not to mention very stressful), beauty resolutions are easily achievable.

Set aside your mind on cutting meal portions and burning calories for a moment and focus on your skin, nail, hair and overall beauty regime.

Here are what you need to include in your beauty resolution list to make your skin extra healthy and feel more beautiful.

Never leave the house without sunscreen. A trip to the beach isn’t the only time you need to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Shielding your skin from the same harsh rays of the sun daily is a must.

Include this in your daily beauty routine as your resolution this year. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays will not only prevent you from skin cancer but it can Read more


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It’s that time of the year again, the time for lots of parties, family get together, weddings, office end of the year dinners and this means food, food and more food! Who else is as excited as I am??? That’s right I’m a big foodie.

You may be thinking “I just started eating healthy and working out, so all of my efforts will just go to waste like that?” Umm no it doesn’t have to go to waste so you can relax now. There are ways you can enjoy all these parties and food without gaining 30 pounds.

1) Keep healthy snacks at your disposal always
Sometimes even if we aren’t hungry, we still just want to eat something because during this period, food and drinks everywhere and always nearby. It’s very easy to get tempted and eat more than you need to.
But when you have … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Natural Hair

The Natural Hair

If you are in Nigeria, I’m pretty sure you must be aware of the natural hair trend. Many black girls all over the world are throwing away the creamy crack (relaxers) and embracing their natural hair for one reason or the other.
While this is a just trend for some, for others like me, it’s a journey that will definitely not end. It’s an awakening, an enlightenment. Imagine living my whole life not knowing that my hair is curly, my hair is beautiful, my hair can grow long and full.
Right from childhood, children get obsessed with making their hair as straight as possible because the society makes them believe that your hair is only beautiful when it’s as straight as that of a white woman. But thank God for this “trend”.
Natural hair is beautiful, learning to accept your curls just the way God created it, … Read more