Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Natural Hair

The Natural Hair

If you are in Nigeria, I’m pretty sure you must be aware of the natural hair trend. Many black girls all over the world are throwing away the creamy crack (relaxers) and embracing their natural hair for one reason or the other.
While this is a just trend for some, for others like me, it’s a journey that will definitely not end. It’s an awakening, an enlightenment. Imagine living my whole life not knowing that my hair is curly, my hair is beautiful, my hair can grow long and full.
Right from childhood, children get obsessed with making their hair as straight as possible because the society makes them believe that your hair is only beautiful when it’s as straight as that of a white woman. But thank God for this “trend”.
Natural hair is beautiful, learning to accept your curls just the way God created it, … Read more