9 hair makeovers to try this year

2015 introduced us to balayage, opal hair color trend among others. With 2016 almost reaching its period halfway, you better make a hair makeover move.

If you’re still unsure what to do with your hair, you can always go to your reliable and professional hair expert to consult with and ask for their recommendations.

Or, a great alternative to consulting with an expert would be getting a good look with these celebrity approved hair makeovers.

Whether it’s a complete makeover or just an upgrade, take a look at these current hair trends that will surely take your breath away and will make you want to go straight to the salon and get it done.


Short Side Bangs 2016

Photo source: Lovely Hairstyles


We know you’ve been thinking hard about getting a bangs for the first time since grade school. Think twice or thrice or multiple times, think hard. After a reasonable period Read more

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7 game-changing beauty products to grab

We’re in the year 2016 where self-tying shoelaces and video-recording drones are flying over the market. And let’s not forget the latest in the beauty industry, we have innovations in our field as well. Ever heard of a spray-on nail polish? You might want to try that out.

The cosmetics industry, like any other industry, constantly find ways to create better products that aims to transform the beauty department. These innovative products and tools are backed up by thorough research and science.

Although Kylie Jenner’s lip kit broke the internet and set it on fire, these new products and tools are more than that and deserves to receive akin recognition. It’s the perfect time to be alive and check out these products and tools that will transform your daily life.

Spray-on nail polish

The world's first spray on nail polish

Photo source: Nails Inc.

The world’s first spray-on nail polish is making the rounds and is officially Read more

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Don’t fret: Easy ways to regain your hair’s health

All the dyeing, ironing, blow-drying, curling and all other hair treatments have left your hair in a terrible condition. The last thing you want in order to restore your hair’s nourishment would be to cut your long beautiful mane.

Don’t plan on going to the salon just yet. If you think there really isn’t anything you can do to save your hair, run to your stylist to cut the damage away; let it be your ultimate last resort.

Repairing your unhealthy locks or trying to get your locks in the healthiest state possible isn’t a simple task. There are no overnight treatment to fix the damages and have it in its best and natural strands so you’ll have to remedy it constantly.

Step away from too much heat. Too much styling: blow drying, curling, straightening and the likes can make you feel like an A-list celebrity walking in a red Read more

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Take a backseat: Beauty trends that need to retire

The fashion and beauty industry has had its ups and downs this year. We’ve witnessed trends that went on for months as well as those that didn’t stay for long (we’re eyeing at you sneaker wedges).

From floral crowns to Kylie Jenner lips to eyebrows-on-fleek trend, some have stayed and some just needs to take a backseat and maybe, just maybe, they can resurrect their trend status in the future (or they could just retire).

We have enlisted here the beauty trends you need to stop doing now, at this very moment. If you find yourself still doing these in your daily beauty routine, you need to go reevaluate your beauty grind.

Ombre dominated the runway and red carpet as far as we can remember and it is still going strong this year. Though it’s still the most asked color technique in the salons, you might want to go … Read more

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Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Natural Hair

The Natural Hair

If you are in Nigeria, I’m pretty sure you must be aware of the natural hair trend. Many black girls all over the world are throwing away the creamy crack (relaxers) and embracing their natural hair for one reason or the other.
While this is a just trend for some, for others like me, it’s a journey that will definitely not end. It’s an awakening, an enlightenment. Imagine living my whole life not knowing that my hair is curly, my hair is beautiful, my hair can grow long and full.
Right from childhood, children get obsessed with making their hair as straight as possible because the society makes them believe that your hair is only beautiful when it’s as straight as that of a white woman. But thank God for this “trend”.
Natural hair is beautiful, learning to accept your curls just the way God created it, … Read more

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