6 enlightening ways to reduce dark circles

“Have you been sleeping well lately?”, asks your friend while looking at your dark bags under your eyes.

We’ve heard it many times before and it’s true in any shape and form, our eyes are indeed the windows to our souls. However, the dark circles surrounding our view makes it rather less appealing. Plus, it gives the notion of having health issues, sleep deprivation and others.

Donning panda eyes, or some even call it raccoon eyes, can be frustrating as it ruins your whole look. No matter how much concealer you apply over it, some dark under eye bags just won’t give in. Sometimes, makeup, beauty hacks and tricks aren’t enough.

Dark circles is a dilemma for men and women alike. Men are just structured to be less conscious about such issues. Nobody strikes a smile while staring at the mirror getting a clear sight of the exhausted look on Read more


“You are what you eat” The skin is the largest organ in the body and it serves as a defense against harmful external influences. A beautiful skin starts from within. Eating healthy can help your skin feel and look fresher, clearer and smoother. A lot of our everyday foods are really beneficial for our skin and adequate intake of these foods can go a long way to help our skin.
I’m sure you will agree that we all want a beautiful, glowing and radiant skin. If you have ever wondered which foods can help you achieve this, good news! I’m going to show you 7 incredible foods that are great for your skin.

Broccoli is high in antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. The vitamin C in broccoli helps in collagen production and keeps your skin healthy and supple. It also helps to fight free radicals which … Read more