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Most of us believe that lives of supermodels are all about glamour, travelling and having fun. But looking perfect at all times is not as easy as it seems. Preparations for the fashion weeks, castings and important photo shoots require certain sacrifices and a lifestyle that will ensure that their bodies will remain in top shape for the catwalk.

This, of course, involves regular visits to the gym, strenuous exercising, getting a lot of sleep, staying hydrated, and also doing yoga and meditation to balance the mood and banish stress. But eating properly is just as important, especially during those hectic days when it is hard to keep any good habits at all between two shows. Here is how to eat like a supermodel.

1. Start Light in the Morning and Go Heavier as the Day Goes on

It is important to start your day with something that will give you an energy boost and prepare your body for the busy day ahead. So, begin with a glass of warm water and a few drops of lemon juice that will replenish the liquids that you lost during the night. Follow it with a juice or smoothie. Raw drinks will boost your body’s natural pH balance and give you the much needed energy.

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For lunch, go with a light salad. Stick mainly to vegetables, but add grilled fish if you feel that you need proteins. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a hearty red meat meal with vegetables on the side.

2. Snack Smartly

Although snacks should be avoided, we know that sitting down for a meal is not always possible for a hard-working girl. If you need a snack between two meals, try replacing nibbles with healthier quick snack options. Pack some crudité, and dips like hummus or smashed avocado.

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A lot of people reach for nuts instead of crisps, but you should avoid them at all costs. Although they contain healthy fats and protein, they affect your digestive system. And if they are roasted and salty, they become very dehydrating and fattening, too.

3. Stay Away from Bloaters

Having a perfectly flat stomach of a model means avoiding foods that make you gassy and bloated. Carbonated beverages and fried foods are well-known bloaters.

Dairy products can also be tricky because a lot of people cannot digest them properly. Before you let them get you, opt for the lactose-free or non-dairy alternatives. Although they are packed with protein, beans, lentils, soybeans, and peas are all gas-causing foods. If you do not want to give up on legumes, combine them with easily digestible whole grains.

4. Maintaining High Energy Levels

Staying hydrated and eating light through the day is one way. Add some matcha powder to your smoothie for an additional metabolism boost. Besides giving you energy and strength, this superfood also brings calmness without making you drowsy.

Maintaining High Energy Levels
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Matcha also promotes fat burning and helps you with weight control. It is known to help stimulate alpha brain waves thus increasing focus and concentration.

5. Eat a Lot of Raw Greens

Consuming raw greens, especially broccoli, cucumber, parsley, kale, and spinach, is beneficial in so many ways. Calcium is a common ingredient of green vegetables.

Eat a Lot of Raw Greens
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Apart from playing the key role in building healthy bones and teeth, it is less known that calcium renews that epidermis of the skin. It is essential to maintain calcium levels in those months when fresh greens are not available, and when it is recommended to add calcium supplements to your diet.

Do you eat like a model?

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